Contemplating life kind of Thursday.

Hi there! It’s been a month since my last blog post. Omg. Whoever read my other post about Rarejob and came back to this post, thank you! I never thought it would reach a lot of people. So happy 🙂

Sadly, i don’t have tips for you guys right now. But do you have any tips for me? Tips for being a responsible adult? Ha ha. Being 22 is hard. being 22 and not knowing what you want and need in life is a lot harder.

I’ve read a lot of articles and blogs here on the internet about twentysomethings not knowing their place in this world. Lacking that sense of direction. Craving for success and fulfillment. (And money money money.) Isa lang masasabi ko sakanila, Same.

Sometimes i think i’m being too hard on myself. I always compare myself to my peers. Hating myself because i’m still on the same place where i was a few years ago.

But on the bright side of things, hey i’m only 22. I can still turn my life around. Learn new things. Maybe i can even teach myself how to play the piano and cook food other than hotdogs and some other fried foods. Ha ha. Those two have been my life long #goals! And photography of course. You’ll be seeing a lot of photos from me in the coming days.

Ha ha. I just wanted to cheer myself up. Besides, it’s my birthday today.

Anyways i’m going to post this blog real time. No edits, no gifs. Just plain raw texts and maybe some typo errors that i’m too lazy to check. ha ha. Tamad ako today. Goodbye for now!





“That’s just how it is. Not because women will choose to continue drinking. Not because women will continue wearing shorts. And not because women will continue to choose being among men. But because you will continue to be entitled to women just because you’re a man.”

Dear Tito Sotto,

I don’t even know where to start. I cannot believe a man like you actually has a post in our national government.

You are a sick fuck and a sexist. You should know better. Saying things like, “ka babae mong tao, pa shot shot ka.”
Let me tell you this, NOBODY ASKED TO GET RAPED, TO GET MOLESTED. NOBODY ASKS FOR IT you moron. And to think you are a SENATOR in this country.

I am utterly disgusted at your comments to that poor woman you humiliated on national TV. (Check youtube guys i’m sure the video’s there somewhere) I am disappointed to the guys interviewing her as well. (Wally bayola and the other one. Sorry, kapamilya here. Hehe)
You do not deserve that seat in the senate you stupid ass, plagiarist, sexist, no good man.

Sincerely yours,



OKAY guys. Don’t judge me. I was not prepared. I literally just made that on the spot after i read a post of someone on facebook about her being molested by her own relative and about tito sotto and his comments. I wrote that out of sheer anger so pardon me if it’s not well written. I know i know. Sorry!

Anyways i got that quote from her facebook post. Isn’t she such a good writer? (Unlike me. Hehe)  I’m using my phone right now so i can’t /or i don’t want to (lol) post the link.  Sorry guys i got my lazy game on. (Already 4am in the morning so…)

Now my thoughts about Tito Sotto. Shit guys. Why? Why is he even a senator? Who freaking voted for that guy? I don’t get it. Hm actually i think do. I just don’t want to admit it.

We filipinos are in it for the fame and not for the capabilites. Amirite or amirite? Pacman, anyone? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of your fame to win but, at least make sure you can actually do the job. Not just get the job done but also getting respect from people.

LOOK AT US. Look at the philippines. Omg i believe he even topped the senatoriables last elections? if i’m not mistaken. Shit talaga.

Hay ayoko na magsulat. I am a no good writer when i’m mad…

Let this be a lesson to all filipinos who voted for that asshole.


SPOLIARIUM – Title of the painting by Juan Luna. / Title of the song by Eraserheads rumored to be about the rape of Pepsi Paloma. Look up who the suspects are and who defended them.

P.P.S – Ang hirap mag edit gamit phone ah!


Jen out!



RareJob 101

Finally got to write my first ever proper blog. lol. I’ve decided to write about my online tutoring experience for Rarejob. And, i’ll also post some tips on how to pass their demo lesson. So here goes!

First things first (i’m a realist. no? okay.). What is RAREJOB?

RareJob inc. is an Online tutoring service based in Japan. (but they also have an office here in the Philippines) that teaches English to the Japanese people. They have been operating for quite some time now. if i’m not mistaken, they have been operating here since 2012. And they have built quite a good reputation amongst home-based tutors.

So i decided to try it for myself. I figured why not make use of the Internet at home to make money. Right?


Their application is easy enough. You just have to fill out their online form here.
→ Rarejob Application. then you’re all set.

Joke lang. not quite. You need to pass their assessment exam. Don’t worry guys its easy. 🙂 Just the basics of grammar. After that, you get to pick the time and date of your demo lesson. So no pressure. But you absolutely have to nail that one!

The Demo Lesson is basically a 30 or 45 minute assessment of your teaching skills through Skype. Oh and did i mention that all of the lessons are conducted through Skype? YES. Skype. How convenient diba?


The first part of the call is the introduction. The RareJob representative will guide you on the lesson flow. (Just follow the rules written on the lesson material.) Second part is the lesson proper. Last part is the Assessment. He/She will give you the feedback.

Now before the demo lesson make sure that you have:

  1. A stable, wired internet connection. NO WIFI or Broadband. (just plug your wifi router to your pc or laptop with the cable.)
  2.  A working headset with external mic and noise cancellation. Like this one.1286 ( i prefer using plantronics. but a4tech and  logitech are great brands too!)
  3. A quiet place to conduct the lesson.

Syempre you have to study the demo lesson materials as well. You will be provided that so no worries. Now some tips on how to pass the demo lesson.


Tip number 1.


Chill lang! Calm your nerves. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Count from 1 to ten.

Tip number 2.

Follow the rules. trust me.

Tip number 3.

Read the demo lesson at least 3 to 4 times. Just to familiarize yourself with the material that you will be using. Also, you will be provided an email that includes YouTube videos on how to conduct lesson. Take pointers!

Tip number 4.

Be yourself. Wag kabahan. Promise. I don’t know about you guys but i tend to blank out whenever i’m tense or anxious. Stay calm. You need to be alert, alive, awake, enthusiastic. He he.

Tip number 5.

List down words that will likely be unfamiliar to your mock student. The RareJob representative will ask you about the meaning of some different words and expressions. Make sure to have a dictionary and a thesaurus on one of your tabs. Me personally, i use this for dictionary: Learner’s Dictionary and for synonyms.

There. Hopefully that would help you pass the demo lesson. Goodluck! 🙂


Thoughts about RareJob

I think it’s a very reputable company. I’ve research about different home-based tutoring sites and this is by far the most promising.

i have only been a RareJob tutor since march 2016. (I know di pa nga 3 months. Ha ha.tapos nagpost na sya agad.kala mo expert.) But so far, i’m having a good time teaching students. Japanese people are very polite and understanding. and they are very willing to learn. 🙂

The staff are very accommodating as well. They will answer all your queries. This is very important kase you work from home so virtual assistance is one of the keys to loyal teachers. And the pay isn’t that bad either. Considering the fact that you have control over your time.

Overall i think this a good way to earn extra money. Especially those who are still in school. Plus you get that sense of fulfillment! 🙂

Goodluck on your application!